How do I go about reserving your team for my wedding?


03   Initial payment



Do you have a minimum amount for wedding day booking services?

Are you able to service larger bridal parties?

How far in advance should I book your team?

Do you offer services for LGBTQ weddings?

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Yes, we are. We do strongly suggest booking far in advance so that we have availability to accommodate a high number of services.

Yes, we do offer "GROOM-ING." A 15 minute service that can include evening out the skin, blemish coverage, translucent power, lip balm, hair styling, and more. The goal is to make it appear undetectable. 

We gladly celebrate and serve love in all forms.

The sweet spot is usually 2-8 weeks from the wedding date. However, some brides prefer to book further out and that is fine also. 

Yes, the minimum amount of services per Artist is  5 services.

Do you offer services for men?


Do you offer Airbrushing?

How do you work with someone with sensitive skin?

Should I wash my hair before my appointment?

Which brands do you use?

Which brands do you use?



Do you offer services for Engagement Session, Bridal Shower,  Rehearsal Dinner,  etc.?

Yes,  this would be booked as an EVENT SERVICE.


Do you provide a schedule for the day of?

Do you have ideas for looks?

Do you allow time for a touch up period at the end?

Do you allow ADD-ON services on the day of?

How long will each service take?

contact us for more information

If you haven't already, fill out the CONTACT FORM and we will send you a response with more information, including the WEDDING SERVICE QUESTIONNAIRE.

After you have submitted the WEDDING SERVICE QUESTIONNAIRE and we've determined out availability, we'll schedule a CONSULTATION CALL to review the details for your event and answer any questions that you may have. 


Next, we'll email you a PROPOSAL with a breakdown of services, payment schedule, and our policies.

*As our team tends to book up far in advance, we strongly suggest reserving your date at this time. 

Once we have received the signed contracts from our team, we’ll send you a confirmation. Allow up to 72 hours.

Now, we are all set and ready to style y you for your big day!

 Once you have reviewed the PROPOSAL and your are ready to book, you will sign the SERVICE AGREEMENT and submit payment for

You can now schedule your PREVIEW SESSION at this time, which we highly suggest to ensure availability.

*Please make sure to review the OUR PROMISE section.

Once that is received, we will send a separate contract to our team.

We do suggest washing your hair, using little to no product, and doing a good blow dry on your hair. 

Your stylist may suggest you prep your hair differently on the day of once they make an accessment.

Each artist uses their own preference. A few of our preferred brands are Kenra and Big Sexy Hair. 

Each Artist has their own preference. A few of our favorites are  YSL, Dior, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Anastasia, and Natasha Denona. 

We use industry standard skincare and makeup products that are less likely to cause a reaction. However, we do suggest that you bring your own products that work for your skin sensitivity.

Yes, some of our artists offer Airbrush services, which must be
booked in advance to ensure availability. 

Once your services are booked, we will create a timeline, so that you can take the schedule into account immediately when making plans and notify us if any corrections need to be made.

We typically allow 45 minutes per Bridesmaid/Guest service + 1 hour or more for the bride. 

If we are able to accommodate, we will allow ADD-ON SERVICES once all pre-booked services have been completed.

Yes, a 30 minute touch up period is included.

Yes, visit our PINTEREST page.


When do you suggest booking my PREVIEW SESSION?

How long is does the PREVIEW SESSION TAKE?

Do you perform PREVIEW SESSIONS on the weekends?

Is the PREVIEW SESSION required?

We suggest reserving the date for your PREVIEW SESSION as soon as possible, in order to ensure our availability.

Each MAKEUP or HAIR PREVIEW SESSION will last approximately 1-2 hours. We go above and beyond, allowing 1-2 look changes and photos at the end. 

Yes, the PREVIEW SESSION is required in order to provide you with the highest level of service on your wedding day. 

Due to our busiest wedding days being Friday-Sunday, we perform PREVIEW SESSIONS Monday-Thursday.

If week days aren't an option for you, we are open to scheduling on the weekend for an additional fee, if our schedule allows.